The GCA GAR portfolio achieves a return of 71.35% for 2022.

Since the portfolios’ inception in July 2018 the performance to date stands at 186.57%. Hakim Azaiez, Chief Investment Officer, announces that investors are extremely pleased with this years’ performance as well as the returns made over the last five years.

Through active management & opportunistic event driven strategies, the portfolio aims to capture short to medium-term trading options arising primarily in the Global Sovereign Bond Markets. The Portfolio seeks returns by investing in hard currency, fixed-income & floating rate debt instruments of Governments & Governmental agencies.

The outstanding performance in 2022 highlight’s the Chief Investment Officers adherence to his investment philosophy of active investment management & intellectual integrity of the investment process. His ethos is that the best way to achieve superior returns is to focus on areas & sectors that we excel in.

Potential investors are welcome and we look forward to continued growth & performance.