GCA AM provides tailored wealth management advisory services designed to meet the unique needs of high net worth individuals, their families and their businesses, as well as small institutions.

We deliver world-class financial services, with a commitment to providing an open architecture platform that accesses products and services from within GCA AM and from a variety of other major financial services institutions.

Our experienced professionals work with you to determine your long and short term objectives and develop a plan to meet those objectives in a disciplined fashion.

Advisory & Discretionary Services

GCA Wealth Management advisory services can be structured in a variety of ways depending on the desired level of involvement in your investment portfolio.

For those clients who would like to make all their own investment decisions, but wish to do so with access to GCA research, advice and execution services, an active advisory relationship is probably most suitable. This will allow access to leading investment products and services, but the ultimate investment decision will still remains with you.

Many of our clients, however, seek professional asset allocation and investment guidance and choose to invest their assets through our discretionary portfolio management offerings. These portfolios reflect the best thinking of GCA Wealth Management in both asset allocation and implementation vehicle selection. Discretionary portfolios are diversified and actively managed, with portfolios designed to optimize returns across the spectrum from conservative to aggressive allocations.

Execution Only Service

We appreciate that some of our clients know exactly what they want and do not require any advice from us. In such cases we are usually happy to transact the business on an ‘Execution Only’ basis.

Under this service we will execute a transaction upon the client’s specific instructions, having provided no advice to the client on the merit of the investment being transacted.